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Challenge Your Friends to an Earthbending Battle in Island Bender!

A physics-based game for up to 6 players. Throw rocks, collect power-ups, and master the art of bending to defeat your opponents. In Island Bender, only three buttons and a joystick are needed to create and throw rocks at your friends, while you try to keep your balance on wobbly platforms.

With a playful and upbeat soundtrack, you'll feel like jumping from island to island. Easy to learn, but hard to master, the game's simple mechanics ensure immediate fun. Grab your favorite snacks, jump on the couch, and start playing now!

Game Controls
jumping gif
Jump from rock to rock and survive on shaky platforms while you throw rocks at each other!
jumping gif
create rock gif
Create Rock
Get ready to rock and roll! Start pressing the buttons and let the rock-making fun begin!
create rock gif
create and throw gif
Throw Rock
You'll have to use your strategic skills to aim and throw rocks at your opponents to defeat them.
create and throw gif
Collect Power-Ups
trippleshot gif


Throw three rocks at once, increasing your chances of hitting your opponents. It's a great option if you're trying to take out multiple opponents at once or if you just want to increase your chances of hitting someone.

bigrock gif


It does exactly what it sounds like - it makes your rock bigger, which means it crushes smaller rocks on its path. If you're struggling to take down an opponent, this power-up could give you the extra boost you need.

shotgun gif


Game changer! When you throw a rock with this power-up, it breaks apart into several smaller fragments when thrown, making it harder for your opponents to dodge. A great option if you're facing multiple opponents at once.

spikes gif


Create a set of spikes on the ground to damage opponents who walk over them. This power-up can be strategically placed in areas where opponents are likely to pass through, so it's a useful tool for controlling the battlefield.


PLAY!Con, Tier, October 2022

IndieGameFest, November 2021

First stages of Island Bender, February 2020

A Message from the Team

Creating joy through gaming is at the heart of our game and our team. We're thrilled to release the demo version of Island Bender, a game that we've poured two years of hard work and dedication into. With visually captivating graphics and challenging for players of all skill levels, we hope you have lots of fun playing Island Bender!


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